Claudio Sponchioni

CEO & Cofounder

Claudio is passionate social entrepreneur willing to innovate career and employment services through social-impacting technologies.
He cofounded JOBIRI, the first marked-ready AI-based career guidance tool to support both job seekers and career coaches. Claudio and his team are committed to the idea of helping others to enter the workforce and find their purpose in life thanks to digitalization of career services.
JOBIRI has already served +30.000 people in Europe and it is available for schools, universities, municipalities, employment services, outplacement firms and private career coaches.
Claudio is a former strategy manager in EY who resigned after a promotion to launch JOBIRI.
He has 8+ years of working experience in multinationals and strategy consulting companies where he led various advisory assignments for large corporations, private equity funds and SMEs.
Additionally, thanks to relevant working experience in GiGroup (among the top 10 HR firms in EU) Claudio has strong know-how and expertise in the HR and active labour market policies field.
He was also Assistant Professor at Milan’s Catholic University until 2017.